We’re a New Zealand natural health company with a simple philosophy at heart. We believe good quality, natural products should be made affordable and accessible to everyone – without doing harm to people or nature.

When it comes to the science of nourishment, nature knows best. She is the ultimate nutritionist. And the ultimate beautician too. At Botanikiss, we simply and sustainably, harness her goodness by selecting the best plant-derived ingredients from isles of purity like New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

The origins of our ingredients matter. Botanikiss products are grown in wild places where native botanicals and coconut palms have evolved health-giving attributes in abundance. These are isles without land borders with their own unique flora and fauna. Places where indigenous trees thrive and have time-proven wellness properties. Like the soothing anti-bacterial properties of the New Zealand Manuka Honey in our soaps, or the super-nutritious profile of our Sri Lankan cold-pressed coconut oil. In partnership with ethical makers, we create simple, effective nutritionals and body-care products that people love.

The best value products, with the best natural values at heart.

Our philosophy:

Every Botanikiss product promises *A KISS* of natural goodness.

When it comes to ingredient selection and our method-of-making, we stand by our core values:

A – Affordably priced

K – Kind on people and nature

I – Indigenous plant-based ingredients

S – Safe, no nasty chemicals

S – Simple and effective, with minimal processing.

Live Simply, Act Kindly.